In this emerging multi-screen world who controls who?

Event Info

Thu 15 Sep, 2011 at 6:00pm
Innovation Warehouse
1 East Poultry Avenue, Smithfields
London, EC1A 9PT, UK (Map)
Cost: £35+VAT


Now that we have (probably!) arrived in a multi-screen world  with TV, Mobile, Tablet, PC, notebook and screens in the home, car, elevator and plane there are new issues we face:

  • Who has our attention and for how long?
  • What screen is prime and what is the slave?
  • Are all screens just companions?
  • Who wants control you and you experience?
  • Should control be from your device or in the cloud?

This mashup* event will focus on who wants to control you, where they can exercise control from and what does the business model look like?


  • Anthony Rose: Co-Founder and CTO, tBone
  • Tom Weiss is CEO of TV Genius
  • Maria Constantinescu  Founder of Slick Flick.
  • David Bloom, Commercial Director, IP Vision (UK) Ltd.


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Email / +44 7716162441