DSL12 - Data Science Hackathon

Event Info

Sat 28 - Sun 29 Apr, 2012 from 1:00pm - 1:00pm
Online, anywhere!
Cost: Free (RSVP Required)


On April 28th the first ever 24-hour global data science hackathon will take place bringing data scientists around the world together to try and improve improve the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index.

Hosted by Data Science London and Data Science Global as part of a Big Data Week event, and organised by Kaggle, those involved will compete with each other for cash prizes using a large dataset provided by the Cook County local government, in Illinois, to create the best predictive model.

The goal is to promote the exchange of ideas, and to disseminate knowledge while raising awareness of local data science communities around the world. 

To find out more about the data science hackathon visit http://datasciencehackathon.com/ and to participate remotely visit https://dsghackathon.eventbrite.com/