Dierk Koenig's Practical Groovy for Developers Workshop

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Thu 1 Nov, 2012 at 3:45pm
MWB Business Exchange
107-111 Fleet Street
London, EC4A 2AB, UK (Map)
Cost: £1195.00


This Practical Groovy for Developers Workshop is a good Groovy course for Java developers who like to learn how to enrich and extend Java code with Groovy, Java's dynamic friend. Come along to learn how to exploit Groovy’s seamless integration with Java and sophisticated IDE support.
Upon completion of this Groovy course, you will understand how to use Groovy for your dynamic programming on the Java platform and how to use Groovy to beautify your Java code and make databases, XML processing, WebServices and GUI's more accessible.

You will receive a copy of Groovy in Action on your first day of this Groovy course.

use groovy through real-world examples
enrich and extend your Java code Groovy
use groovy to make databases, XML Processing and Web Services and GUI's more accessible
Groovy has become the de-facto standard for dynamic programming on the Java platform. This workshop introduces you to Groovy and its areas of applicability with real-world examples. 

We start inside a Java IDE and enrich and extend our Java code with Groovy as we go along. We exploit Groovy’s seamless integration with Java and sophisticated IDE support. 

The first day provides you with the foundation in Groovy programming:
Language basics
Evaluating user input at runtime
Smart configuration (no XML)
Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)
Flexible build systems
Testing the untestable
Ad-Hoc Scripting
Issues that participants bring up
The second day is dedicated to specific Groovy topics that are of specific interest to you and other attendees of the course, taking a very hands-on approach to explain these topics through many discussions and exercises.

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