David Pollak's Lift Basics Workshop

Event Info

Mon 3 Dec, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
MWB Business Exchange
107-111 Fleet Street
Lonon, EC4A 2AB, UK (Map)
Cost: £595.00


This Lift Basics course by David Pollak (creator of Lift), co-taught by Franz Bettag (Lift's newest committer), introduces Scala developers to the Lift Web Framework. You will learn how to create dynamic, interactive, secure web sites using Lift. This Lift Basics course covers creating a basic Lift project, dynamic content with Snippets, site navigation and access control via SiteMap, forms including multi-page Wizards, and creating real-time, scalable sites with Lift's Comet support.
David's practical hands-on style will help you understand Lift's Java and Scala API's. Upon completion of this Lift course, you will be able to create secure, dynamic Lift based sites. David and Franz will take student questions, write live code, and tailor the day to the needs of the students. LEARN HOW TO:
In this Lift course you will gain an understanding of Lift's core features. Come along and learn How to create, configure and build a Lift application About Lift's View-First architecture and how it allows for creating interactive web sites. Lift's security model which allows the developer to get things right by default. How to use Lift's Wiring and Comet support to create an amazingly interactive web site. ****For a full course breakdown and registration please visit:



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