CONTENT MARKETING – Content, Conversation and Conversion

Event Info

Wed 12 Jun, 2013 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
60 Renfrew St
Glasgow, G2 3BW, UK
Cost: £750


The Drum magazine and Atmosphere have come together to produce a range of workshops for business leaders, strategists, senior managers and marketers. These one-day sessions will empower you with the knowledge and skill sets that you need to plan more effectively, manage digital internally and get the most out of your strategy. 

“Just like search was a decade ago and social was five years ago, content marketing is the next digital media revolution” Forbes Magazine

  • Explore how content – be it text, video or an app – is key in driving engagement with your customers
  • Discover why brands have become storytellers, and why some brands are betting their future on content
  • Examine how you can use content to entertain, educate, inspire and ultimately convince customers – taking them from awareness to purchase
  • Discover how to develop a content strategy for your business
  • Explore how you can curate social content to increase your share of voice and visibility
  • And the tools and platforms that allow you deliver curated content at scale
  • Develop content metrics for your business that allows you to manage effectiveness and ROI


  • Create a content audit for your business that allows you to develop a more effective content strategy
  • Develop a content value proposition for your organisation
  • Understand how to effectively create and manage content within your organisation