INTEGRATED STRATEGY - Touchpoints and Talking Multichannel

Event Info

Tue 4 Jun, 2013 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
20 Lavington St
London, SE1 0NZ, UK
Cost: £750


The Drum magazine and Atmosphere have come together to produce a range of workshops for business leaders, strategists, senior managers and marketers. These one-day sessions will empower you with the knowledge and skill sets that you need to plan more effectively, manage digital internally and get the most out of your strategy. 

“Consumers are moving outside the purchasing funnel – changing the way they research and buy your products. If your marketing hasn’t changed in response, it should.” McKinsey ‘The Consumer Decision Journey’

  • But who is doing what, where, and how?
  • Why is integration more than simply slapping the same tagline onto all your ads, or forcing a creative idea that suited one medium into another?
  • Discover how to understand, filter and integrate the increasingly wide range of tactics, channels and shiny things that enable an informed marketing strategy
  • Examine how Brand Purpose can be used to deliver relevant and appropriate tactics for each channel
  • Look at a better approach that starts from a different place and uses each channel for its strengths
  • Explore examples of great integrated campaigns, and why they got it right
  • And ensure that everything you do to attract, convert, retain, and engage your customers is integrated


  • Understand a new approach to truly integrated campaigns
  • Come away with the confidence to use new digital tools – such as social media, mobile or data – at the right time to ensure you get the desired results
  • Learn how to develop briefs that deliver effective integrated experiences