Bunnyfoot training course: Designing for Persuasion

Event Info

Tue 9 - Wed 10 Jul, 2013 from 9:30am - 4:30am
Bunnyfoot office
54 st John's square, Farringdon
London, EC1V 4JL, UK
Cost: £495


An intensive one day introduction to designing for persuasion. Using ideas honed from years of scientific study from the disciplines of behavioural economics, sociology and psychology, this course will teach you how to construct communications (landing pages, emails etc.) that are more likely to result in positive interaction (conversions and other actions) on behalf of your customers

For example: the fact that there are only a couple of places left on this course for November illustrates the principle of scarcity (and to an extent social norms) – rare things are perceived as being more valuable and if lots of people are going on the course then it must be good!

It's fun, it's interactive, you will meet interesting people to exchange ideas and experiences with, you will produce something worthwhile and go back to your deskarmed with weapons (and a few dinner party tricks) to impress your colleagues and friends.


If you yearn to maximise conversions, optimise landing pages, and understand what makes your customers buy now rather than later or not at all – this is for you

Participants are typically, marketing managers, digital marketers, designers, user experience managers...


Email / 08456430650