CodeMaker by MiniBarLabs

Event Info

Thu 15 Aug, 2013 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
Mother London
Biscuit Building 10 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch
London, UK
Cost: £500 + VAT



We are happy to announce that we will hold a 'CodeMaker' course on 15 August at Mother, Get your skates on and apply here to delve under the 'digital bonnet'. 

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Description of the course
‘CodeMaker’ is designed to enable a deeper understanding of how digital products are constructed and how they function by learning the fundamentals of coding. Participants will be introduced to the core technologies that drive the internet and mobile apps, increasing their comprehension and expanding their tech vocabulary so that they can communicate more clearly with software developers, better scope out projects and make more informed choices when commissioning.


  • How computing and the internet evolved and how they work
  • Learn programming principles and get into the mind of a developer by making code
  • Introduction to binary 0100100001000101010011000100110001001111
  • Mix & Mash your favorite websites
  • A lesson in tech jargon – from API’s, OS, to Python, Ruby and MySql
  • How the modern web works – the technologies behind Twitter, Facebook and Google
  • How to make beautiful web sites with HTML and CSS
  • JavaSript and JQuery
  • Deconstruct your own web app (intro to Agile principles)
  • 101 on planning and communicating software projects

We are offering ‘CodeMaker’ in collaboration with Mother London which is in the Tea Building in Shoreditch. The cost is £500 (plus VAT) per person and the course is limited to 12 attendees. To inquire about availability and corporate bookings please email us at helloatminibarlabs [dot] com or register below.

Your coach: Peter Brownell aka Greenman.

An experienced software developer passionate about teaching others how to hack and play with computers. He set up the Open Source Drupal user group for the UK, is the founder and CTO of CodePositive, is the man behind ‘DorkBot London’ and he loves doing geeky things based on 0’s and 1’s.


About MiniBarLabs

It’s hard to create a brief description of what we’ve been doing for the last 7 years, but everything we do via MiniBarLabs is about connecting new technologies, digital start ups, products and services with innovative people and communities (and vice versa).

MiniBar is the UK’s biggest technology community with over 6400 members. 300 of us meet once a month to catch up on the latest techie news and trends. Our TechBusiness MiniMBA gathers together some of UK’s top experts who advise on how best to manage, measure, promote and expand your tech business. The CodeMaker workshops teach the essentials of coding and how to build mobile and web apps. It will provide everything you need to know about the behind the scenes of the internet so that you may take control of your startup or digital project.

We also develop purpose built events for start ups, agencies and big tech companies as well as business strategies for companies large and small. In short: we are MiniBarLabs – we tinker, tailor, tutor, train…