Internet Leaders Dinner: Finding the e-Spot with Lovehoney!

Event Info

Tue 15 Oct, 2013 from 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Elysee Restaurant
13 Percy Street
London, W1T 1DP, UK
Cost: £95+ VAT


Date: Tuesday 15th October

Speaker: Matthew Curry, Head of Ecommerce, Lovehoney

Overview: Matthew will indulge us with his vast experience and knowledge into all things digital at Lovehoney, how the company was formed on the basis of customer service, to the importance of personalisation in a wide market full of niches, to making sure your website is set up for the multi-device user experience and the growing need for brands to expand internationally. We also look at how insight, analytics and continuous testing can move your business forward, allowing you to keep your customers very satisfied!

Price:£95.00 + Vat

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