How to Build the Most Successful Community - Breakfast Networking with GIFFGAFF

Event Info

Fri 6 Dec, 2013 from 9:00am - 11:00am
The Bakery
25 City Road, 2nd florr
London, EC1Y 1AA, UK
Cost: Free


Next Friday +100 professionals will meet to learn growth strategies on how to build and a engage community. Our guest speaker, Kim Faura (Board Member and Head of Commerce at GiffGaff) will share his experience growing one of today's most successful communities.

Don't miss this unique opportunity!


Every other Friday, hundreds of professionals in the Tech City gather for breakfast at The Bakery, sharing personal experiences and learning sales, marketing and growth strategies from successful entrepreneurs.

Either if you work in a big company or in a startup; if you have recently founded one or are willing to invest; if you feel the potential in you and you know you are an aspiring entrepreneur... this is definitely the place for you.


Kim Faura, Board Member and Head of Commerce GiffGaff

With seven years experience in Marketing, Online Sales and Product & Business development in companies such as Terra, Unilever and PepsiCo, Kim was part of the GiffGaff launch in September 2009. GiffGaff, the world's first people powered mobile network, was the first company in Europe to integrate the community forum into Facebook and Twitter. Currently working as Head of Commerce and Board Member at GiffGaff, Kim can give good advice on how to build, grow and engage a successful community of users, one of the most important stakeholders in any company.


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