Training course: Designing for Persuasion

Event Info

Thu 5 Dec, 2013 from 9:30am - 4:30pm
Bunnyfoot London
54 St John's Square
London, SE94RZ, UK
Cost: £495.00


How to make sure your design and copy creates action and avoids procrastination. Brief description An intensive one day introduction to designing for persuasion. Using ideas honed from years of scientific study from the disciplines of behavioural economics, sociology and psychology, this course will teach you how to construct communications (landing pages, emails etc.) that are more likely to result in positive interaction (conversions and other actions) on behalf of your customers

 For example: the fact that there are only a couple of places left on this course for November illustrates the principle of scarcity (and to an extent social norms) – rare things are perceived as being more valuable and if lots of people are going on the course then it must be good!

 It's fun, it's interactive, you will meet interesting people to exchange ideas and experiences with, you will produce something worthwhile and go back to your desk armed with weapons (and a few dinner party tricks) to impress your colleagues and friends.

What will you learn?  


  • What persuasion really means and is it ethical to use this powerful technique?
  • How 'persuasion engineering' fits in with other activities such as usability, user centred design, content strategy etc
  • The principles of emotional design
  • Designing to enhance trust and avoid mistrust
  • Core principles for designing for persuasion and creating positive action
  • How to evaluate for persuasion
  • Checklists for emotion and persuasion
  • Hands on practical exercises include:
  • Reviewing existing designs (public or your own)
  • Iteratively designing persuasive landing pages
  • Rewriting copy for persuasion



After completing the training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and discuss the benefits of and key factors for delivering a persuasive customer experience
  • Describe the key principles of persuasion, trust and emotion and how these change customer behaviour
  • Be able to recognise the key triggers and patterns for persuasive design
  • Evaluate the persuasiveness of customer experiences
  • Plan and produce persuasive communications including landing pages, emails, product details pages etc

About your trainer:  

Dr Jon Dodd, CEO and Co-Founder of Bunnyfoot

In the late 90s Jon escaped the cosy confines of academia where he researched (amongst other things) how you and your brain judge attractiveness, discern the shapes of shampoo bottles, and make decisions when shown visual illusions (he can also tell you a thing or two about how faces indicate age, gender and trustworthiness and why caricatures work so well).

In 1999 Jon co-founded Bunnyfoot Ltd, the leading usability and user centred design consultancy (he remains the CEO), and more recently Think Eyetracking - a consultancy which provides cutting edge market research and software for optimising the performance of all visual media.

He likes to keep hands on where possible (recent clients include Boden, Microsoft and Nectar) but is also in demand for national and international conferences and training. Jon is currently writing a book on 'the psychological and visual basis of customer decision making' and needless to say he is searching for a more punchy title – suggestions?


Email / 01235838514