Grow your Business with Help, Funding and Investment

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Thu 9 Jan, 2014 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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Only 50% new businesses survive year 1, make sure you're one of them. Warren will take you through a step-by-step process from startup to growth and getting Investment and all the pitfalls and challenges from any retail business. 

Why do Start Ups and SME's Fail? 

Poor Business Planning 
Poor Marketing 
Absence of Clear Objectives 
Lack of Finance 
Poor Cash Flow Management 
Self belief and cost over investment 
Poor (Wrong?) Management 
Poor Relations with Human Resource 
Poor Choice of Location 
Failure to Embrace New Technology & Developments 

With all of these government run initiatives, you as a business owner can take advantage to get the help you crave and get the help, funding and investment to grow your business, it's a simple at 1,2,3 

1. Growth Accelerator - Get match funding of £2,000 
2. Start Up Loans - Get £15,000 Loan into your business 
3. SEIS - Angel Investors will give you £150,000, knowing the government gives them up to 103% back... Yes 103% 

I've done it all, so let me share with you the highs and lows and how YOU can can get the help and finances do it the right way in 2014