On The Edge Bristol

Event Info

Wed 19 Mar, 2014 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel
Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, College Green Bristol
Bristol, BS1 5TA, UK
Cost: 125


The On The Edge Digital Marketing conference is back, better than ever, and coming to Bristol on 19th March 2014. We have some exciting things in store and with confirmed headline speaker Sharon Flaherty, Head of Content and PR at Confused.com you are in for a treat!


Tickets start from £95 – book yours now! http://ontheedgelive.co.uk/bristol/

What you'll learn:

Walk away with all the knowledge and insights you require to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your organisation, including:


Content with Sharon Flaherty, Head of Content & PR at Confused.com

  • Matching your content to your marketing plan
  • Develop your brand with the right content
  • Understand what your prospects are searching for
  • Matching your content to the sales funnel
  • Moving from product promotion to consumer education


Remarketing with Tara West, SEO & Adwords Specialist at Koozai

  • How to encourage Remarketing within your organisation
  • When to use it and how to create your strategy
  • The key advantages of Dynamic Remarketing for Ecommerce websites
  • How to set up Remarketing; from structuring your campaigns to creating lists and ads
  • Evaluating your campaigns
  • Getting the most from your campaigns with Remarketing optimisation


SEO / Search with Nicola Scott, Managing Director, theMediaFlow

  • The 10 most common technical mistakes that can inhibit or harm your organic search potential
  • Learn how to check and diagnose for each potential mistake
  • What treatment is available?
  • How to implement or escalate to drive the biggest step-change in performance


Behavioural Economics with Natalie Horne, Director of Strategy at Prime Decision

  • How to hone in on human behaviour to market your product
  • Shaping communications to psychological decision-making tendencies
  • Improve ROI by becoming more effective at influencing choices to engage, act and buy


Email Marketing with Tim Watson, Founder at Zettasphere

  • The four key questions every email must answer
  • How emotional triggers impact decisions
  • Using stories to increase engagement


Social with Nicola Ray, Managing Director at Modern Media

  • Social media trends in B2B
  • Why social needs a clearly defined strategy for success
  • How you can really engage with your target audience on LinkedIn
  • Key performance indicators – what gets measured, gets managed


Mobile with Jeff Coghlan, Founder, CEO and Creative Director at Matmi

  • How the physical world and digital world can be combined
  • The rise of mobile and the fall of single purpose machines
  • Why the high streets need to embrace digital


What else?

  • Network with fellow business professionals from some of the UK’s biggest brands
  • Enjoy a sumptuous lunch and as much coffee as you can handle in the heart of Bristol
  • Earn CPD points
  • A guaranteed seat for every speaker session
  • Use the FREE Wi-Fi to keep up with your working day and implement your new strategies straight away


Don’t miss out book today! http://ontheedgelive.co.uk/bristol/