The Tech Business MiniMBA 2014 #3: Term Sheet Negotiation Skills

Event Info

Tue 18 Mar, 2014 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Pinsent Masons LLP
30 Crown Place
London, EC2A 4ES, UK
Cost: FREE, RSVP required


For most startups, the big issue is finding enough equity capital to get an idea off the ground and so in the early stages of a start-up entrepreneurs must often become tireless fundraisers. After pitching their idea to a host of investors, founders seek to find a particular one with which they can work out a potential agreement and secure a termsheet. The termsheet is a concise yet highly complex document that includes a variety of protective clauses in favour of the investor. The detail of these clauses should be of particular concern to founders as a lack of care and attention can result in significantly reduced profits at the point of exit. In order to ensure a better return, founders must gain a solid understanding of termsheets and develop their skills of negotiation.  

This event is a workshop rather than a presentation, participants will be expected to work in groups as either founders or investors and battle it out over a case study termsheet to secure the best deal. It is generally a fun way to engage with the topic and James and Thilo will be on hand throughout to take you through the basics, offer advice and highlight potential pitfalls. 

This workshop will be led by James Paton-Philip, Associate, and Thilo Schneider, Corporate Lawyer at Pinsent Masons LLP

The Tech Business MiniMBA is delivered by MiniBarLabs in partnership with the ICT KTN


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