The Science of Sharing and Power of Music

Event Info

Tue 29 Apr, 2014 from 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Wine Tun
Cannon Street
London, EC4M 6XX, UK
Cost: free


Another opportunity to have a chat and a drink with content creators, YouTubers, marketers and filmmakers.
We have the pleasure to announce the following talks:

- The Science of Sharing, by Dr. Caroline Wiertz

Caroline is a Reader in Marketing at City University London, after having acquired her PhD from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her primary research interests lie in consumer research and new media marketing. Her award winning work has been published in leading academic journals and is widely reported on in the international commercial press. She is also co-founder of City Unrulyversity!

- The Power of Music in Your Videos, by Chris J Nairn
Chris is a highly experienced composer and song-writer, trained at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. He has written tracks for no less than America's Next Top Model, Million Dollar Decorators and Sony. His speciality is the incorporation of trending musical styles into different genres and with his skill and great style he attracts many big brand clients.

Their talks promise exclusive insights and practical advice applicable for marketers using Social Media and YouTube. 

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