City Unrulyversity - Design Sketching for Creative Thinking II: Sketching Abstractions

Event Info

Wed 4 Jun, 2014 at 6:15pm
Unruly HQ
42-46 Princelet Street
E1 5LP, UK
Cost: Free


Design Sketching for Creative Thinking II: Sketching Abstractions

By Prof. Neil Maiden (City University London) & Illugi Eysteinsson 


Summer Term

Previously at Unrulyversity, in a well-attended event, we introduced sketching techniques in early creative design, and aligned design sketching to example creativity techniques, and applied to a simple creative design problem. Due to popular demand, we will return with a new tutorial to explore how to use sketching techniques to explore the use of abstractions in creative thinking. In particular, we will describe and demonstrate innovative uses of different forms of sketches to enable then support idea exploration and generation with analogies and metaphors. Attendees will be given plenty of opportunities to practice these forms of design sketching applied to familiar design challenge. 

Neil Maiden is Professor of Systems Engineering at City University London. He is and has been a principal and co-investigator on numerous EPSRC- and EU-funded research projects, and has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, conferences, and workshop proceedings. He is a co-founder of City’s Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice, which delivers the inter-disciplinary Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership. His current research seeks to enhance creative thinking in design projects and deliver creativity support through mobile software apps.

Illugi Eysteinsson is an architect/educator with a Masters degree in both Architecture and Fine Arts. Illugi has extensive experience facilitating art/architectural workshops having worked as public art consultant, artist and set designer in the entertainment industry for fifteen years. Currently Illugi is involved in architectural workshops for communities undergoing urban regeneration.