Conscious Business - Tomorrow’s Company Today

Event Info

Mon 2 Jun, 2014 from 4:00pm - 7:00pm
4 Wellesley Terrace, (north of Old Street roundabout)
London, N1 7NA, UK
Cost: £10


What can tomorrow's businesses do practically to respond to an exponentially changing world? Come and see the future of business and meet the next generation of business leaders.

Hear from people doing it today and find out how you can too.

Some of the flavour is from inspiring Brighton business culture pioneers, some from Conscious Business UK thought leaders and founders and some from Futurist and Technology heavyweights. Apart from meeting some great people you will be hearing from and working with:

• David Wood - Symbian Co-Founder - Chair of London Futurists

• Tom Nixon - Co-Founder of NixonMcInnes 

• Jack Hubbard - Co-Founder of Propellernet

• Paul Levy - Conscious Business Thought Leader 

There will be time to talk and meet others and you should leave with something that will have impact in your business.