A digital conversation about building the next generation of the web.

Event Info

Wed 11 Jun, 2014 from 6:30am - 11:00am
The Phoenix Pub, Cavendish Square
London, UK
Cost: 5.00


Change is afoot! Every digital discipline from technical architecture and programming to interface design and customer experience is experiencing a rapid evolution. Tools and techniques we've grown accustomed to are being challenged by new ideas and approaches that are better suited to new contexts brought about by emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, cloud based services and big data. 

The digital industry took several years to fully get to grips with mobile and even now many organisations have yet to successfully adapt their strategies to the multi-channel web. This next evolution of the web promises to be even more profound but are we prepared to be more agile this time around? We think it's time to have a digital conversation about the next generation of the web, what it looks like, what are the emergent trends and how should we, as developers, designers, strategists, marketers and digital managers respond?