Pocket Gamer Connects 2 Helsinki

Event Info

Mon 16 - Tue 17 Jun, 2014 from 9:00am - 6:00pm
Wanha Satama
Pikku Satamakatu 3-5
Helsinki, FI-00161, UK
Cost: £92.00 for Developers


n January this year we hosted Pocket Gamer Connects, our very first full on conference. It united c.700 influential attendees from all over the mobile gaming globe through insightful talks and grade A networking, and was such a positive all round experience that we decided to do it again.


On 16th and 17th June in Helsinki we'll be back to rock your world along with some of the biggest names from the global mobile games scene (and the hottest up-and-coming indie talent).


As with the first PG Connects, we'll be taking a distinct approach and focusing on the market from two angles.Indie Rock Stars will take the micro level and ask questions about creativity, sustainability, and virality - or, more specifically, how can you marry the games you want to make with the business models that will support your studio.


Meanwhile our East Meets West Global Gaming track is more macro, offering an essential introduction to doing business in different markets, covering the Asian giants of Korea, China and Japan as well as the rapidly emerging South East Asian, Latin American and Eastern European markets. In each case we'll have experts from the region and companies who've recently tried to enter the region sharing their views. We'll also zero in on the thorny issues of market regulations and also the growth of brand marketing.


Add to all that a massive developer pitching event, a trends report worth more than the ticket, an expo showcase floor, a host of unconference sessions, a horde of news-hungry journalists, plus some PG-style evening entertainment to facilitate networking and we hope you'll agree this could be the best mobile games event of the year. Again.



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