Master Your Happiness to Create Astonishing (Start-up) Succes

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Wed 1 Oct, 2014 from 6:15pm - 8:15pm
Unruly HQ
42-46 Princelet Street
London, E15LP, UK
Cost: Free


Master Your Happiness to Create Astonishing (Start-up) Success 
By  Sophie Keller 

City Unrulyversity is back for a new exciting academic year!

In the last session (in July), we talked about how important is to celebrate success... but the start-up world can also get quite tough. As an entrepreneur, you constanlty face rejections, self-doubt, impossible dilemmas, difficult decisions, and a lot of stress. This can be psychologically overwhelming sometimes for founders and employees. 

Recent research in positive psychology and neuroscience has proven that that the happier you are, the more successful you will be and that happy employees perform better than those who are not. It is now known that if you are more positive at work you are going to be more innovative, engaged, creative, productive and will quite simply perform better.

In this session, best-selling author and happiness expert Sophie Keller (especially flying in from the US for you) will talk about the science behind how happiness feeds success. You will learn practical, digestible techniques that will help you get happier, so that you can maximize your performance and flourish at work, regardless of the everyday challenges you face.

This evening is for you if you are an entrepreneur, employee, freelancer, student, or simply want to flourish more at work and home. 

Sophie Keller is a speaker, brand spokesperson and an international, best selling author of 4 books on happiness. How Happy is Your Love Life? How Happy is Your Health? How Happy is Your Marriage? How Happy is Your Home?  
She has appeared on countless TV and radio shows across the US including FOX, NBX, ABC and CBS and has had her own Balanced Life segment series on Tribune's KTLA 5 Morning TV News. Sophie has also been featured in publications such as The Times, Self, Whole Living, Woman's Own Redbook, Family Circle, Woman, The Best You,, Time Out and The Best of You Today and has contributed to over 100 articles for the Huffington Post, from whom she has also done a series of 12 live 'Ask Sophie' webinars. LG Electronics appointed Sophie as their ‘Good News’ Ambassador and she is the creator of After Miscarriage - A Digital Program to Help You Through the Grieving Process and the How To Get Over A Breakup in 30 Days Digital Program. As an International speaker she teaches scientifically proven happiness strategies to help individuals and organizations to boost their performance and reach their potential by being happier.
Sophie was recently nominated for the 2014 Los Angeles Business Journal Woman CEO Making a Difference Award. She and her husband, Oliver own The Working Village, a co-working space in Santa Monica that accommodates 20 thriving companies in tech, media and marketing. Sophie’s biggest accomplishment by far is being mom to her 5-year boy, Judah. For more information on Sophie, go to