Enterprise 2.0 Summit London

Event Info

Tue 25 - Wed 26 Nov, 2014 from 9:00am - 5:30pm
The British Academy
Carlton House Terrace
London, SW1Y 5AH, UK
Cost: From £490 use code Chin20 for 33% discount


If you are interested in the application of social technologies to business, from sales to end customer service, from driving innovation to employee engagement, join us at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit being held at the British Academy in London on 25th and 26th November:

There is a 33% reduction of the ticket price being offered to Chinwag readers In the UK, social technologies are mainly seen as a sales & marketing tool, however in Europe and elsewhere they are also used for customer retention, operations improvement, employee engagement and a host of other applications.

The conference focusses on case studies, to drive practical understanding of issues and solutions. We have gathered case studies from both the UK and across Europe.

The key subjects of the conference are:

  • Beyond sales - driving business value from social technology in organisations
  • Driving end to end effectiveness and efficiency with social collaboration systems
  • Organisational and cultural challenges for the coming digital transformation
  • Future of work and organisation structures for the digital age

...but no doubt many other issues will be touched on in the various sessions and discussions.

Speakers include Shell who are discussing lessons learned from bringing the social adoption from the experimental to the enterprise-wide level, Barclays who will be talking about their introduction of mobile digital workplace for the bank's frontline services.

Deutsche Bank discussing lessons learned from the adoption of working and collaborating in communities, Sanofi-Pasteur on Engagement. In addition we have some of the foremost practitioners talking and giving tutorials.

For further details of the event, go to: http://www.e20summit.com/london.html

To book, go to the following Eventbrite page: http://www.e20summit.com/registration/london.html And use the special code for Chinwag readers which is: Chin20


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