New Social Media & Streaming in Music & Media

Event Info

Tue 24 Feb, 2015 from 1:00pm - 8:00pm
John Henrys
16-24 Brewery Road
London, UK
Cost: Early bird @ £65


Step back a few years and digital music, video and film existed primarily to provide access to content be it downloads, internet radio, on-demand streaming or pay to view access. Look at the present day and you will realize it’s now time to go one step further and utilizing these channels with much broader intentions. Your success will be defined by how well you connect with listeners, readers, viewers and customers by providing clearly defined and organised experiences and integration with your creative offerings, uploads, releases and live events.

New SMS London is an interactive workshop with a focus on New Social Media & Streaming for new Music, Film, Publishing, Media, PR and Advertising industries.  A workshop of keynote presentations, discussion and case studies from digital streaming and social media experts, executive producers, top promoters, social channels, successful labels and artists themselves alongside experts in new media law, radio and television plugging, music synchronization, licensing, merchandising, distribution of recorded works and film leaving you inspired, driven and ready to make an impact.

The event and networking reception will be held in a unique setting at the world renowned John Henry's rehearsal studios, London (the event takes place in John Henry’s Studio 6 with reception in Studio 5, both studios are frequently used by the biggest stars, established, new, global and upcoming).

A memorable day is forecast with very varied panels of industry leaders, legends and speakers, many of whom rarely speak at these type of events giving real unique insightful opinions and guidance on the current state of play in the new social media and streaming environment we all have to operate within and contend with.