The Art of Customer Satisfaction 2015

Event Info

Mon 15 - Tue 16 Jun, 2015 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Kings Place
York St
London, N1 9AG, UK
Cost: 250.00


The Art of Customer Satisfaction is back for a 2nd Year - Bigger and better than 2014. Now over two days with more training sessions, more presentations and impressive panels.

How many businesses do we communicate with on a typical day? From the coffee shop to the cable provider to an airline to the hardware store and on and on, we spend a good portion of our day interacting with the businesses that help us run our lives. We rely on what they sell and they rely on us to buy it, so we call them, visit their shops, look up something on their websites, write them emails. Some of these interactions go well and some do not.

This Conference will provide you with the opportunity to gain insight and examples from some of the world’s most visionary customer service professionals - on how they have transformed the perception of established brands or built hyper growth businesses on the back of providing exceptional customer service.

Join us at The Art of Customer Satisfaction and hear from industry leaders such as Mikkel Svane, and senior executives & managers from some of the world's leading brands who are using Customer services to distrupt the market they operate in.

At the conference you will:

  • Understand how +57000 business across the globe are transforming their customer service
  • Hear about new ways of improving agent productivity 
  • Learn how you can provide your customers with a seamless tailored self service 
  • Gain insights into truly including social in your customer services
  • Explore the power of data analytics across your customer service operations
  • Take part in Career Development Courses
  • Network with industry peers


Monday 15th June 

Venue Opens : 08:30
09:00 - Welcome to Art of Customer Satisfaction
09:15 - Keynote 1 "The Effortless Expereince" 
Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty 
10:15 - Learning what insights to measure - Keebola

11:00 - 17:30 -  Learning and Development sessions (see detail below)

Track 1 : People
Track 2: Processes
Track 3: Developer 

17:30 - 21:00 Networking reception 

Tuesday 16th June 

Venue Opens : 08:30
09:30 - Welcome Address
09:15 - Keynote 2 "The New Era of Customer Relationships" 
Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty  
Mikkel Svane - CEO Zendesk & guest 

11:00 - 17:30 -  Main conference Programme 
10:00 - 17:30 -  Learning & Development Sessions (2nd chance)
Track 1 : People
Track 2: Processes

17:30 - Event Close


Main Conference: 

Welcome Keynote: Mikkel Svane, CEO Zendesk 

Keynote: Effortless Experience (TBC)

Putting Service in Customer Service - A look at how brands are thinking more about their customers when defining their strategy

The importance of Multi-channel for today's ITSM service desks - Merlin share their expereinces of adding true multichannel to internal support as well as external

Scaling your support as business rapidally grows - Self Service is the key

Customer Journeys - best practice tips and tricks for mapping your customer journey 

Taking Customer Support to your customers - How brands are ensuring that customers have the support they need available when the need it.
When your product is Customer Service - A look at new brands disrupting established markets and how the old guard needs to respond.

Learning and Development Sessions:

Track 1 : "People" Balancing the needs of your customers with those of your team

Adopt channels that meet your customers’ needs: Build and curate the right self-service solution. In this session, we’ll share recent research on customer’s reference for self-service as well as our challenges in building and maintaining an effective Help Center. We’ll then discuss in groups the following:

Adopt channels that meet your customers’ needs: Select the right channels. In this session, we’ll offer our lessons in supporting different channels and share what we think the pros and cons of each are from the customer experience perspective. We’ll also discuss
Developing a team that makes customer support seem effortless: Selecting, teaching and coaching teams on the tools of customer service. In this session, we’ll talk about our approach to hiring and building great customer service teams. We’ll also invite our audience to discuss:
Developing a team that makes customer support seem effortless: Take the long view. At Zendesk, we view every team member as a contributor to the company’s success. We’ll describe professional development and capability building across the company. We’d also like to hear from you on:
Measure how well you’re balancing your customers’ and team members’ needs. We’ll look at a few tools we use to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty and employee satisfaction. We’d also like to hear from our audience the tools you use.

Track 2: Process

Zendesk 101: In this overview, you’ll learn how Zendesk facilitates communication between you and your customers, and how its workflows and self-service features will save your team time and get your customers the answers they need.
Reporting & Engagement - You’ll get to know Insights, Customer Satisfaction Ratings and NPS, three tools for measuring the effectiveness of your workflows and your customers’ level of engagement.
Ticket Management - You’ll learn the tools for building a custom ticket workflow, including views, macros, triggers and automations.
Live and Proactive Support with Voice and Chat- Want to serve your customers instantly with live support? You’ll learn how to set up Zopim Chat and Zendesk Voice so that your agents can use it to deliver personal and proactive support.
Scalable Support - Learn how Zendesk can help you scale your support operations with features macros and multibrand. As a bonus, get access to betas before our new features go live!

Track 3 - Developer - focussed on API integrations, App Building, Embeddables and practical tips and tricks for developers.

Platform 101: In this overview, you’ll learn what the platform is and what is possible to do on the Zendesk Platform. You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it at user groups or ZenUs but do you really know all the power that the Zendesk Apps framework or APIs in a very customer oriented way.
API or die trying - In this API heavy session you’ll learn the basics of our API but also get exposed to dozens of use cases of what some of our incredible customers have done with our APIs.
Appalooza - You’ve probably already installed Zendesk Apps, but have you ever thought of building your own? Come learn what Zendesk customers have built in their account as well as get the tools and rundown on how to do it yourself.
Embeddables- Learn how Zendesk can help you provide Customer Service across all channels and all devices, whether it’s on your mobile app, your website, your product or even your hardware. We believe that great companies make finding customer service easy and native, come learn how they’ve done it.