Fintech Storm Digital Platforms 2July- Fidor Bank, Holvi, Etronika, Ffree

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Thu 2 Jul, 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Rainmaking Loft
1 Saint Katherine's Way
London, UK
Cost: GBP25



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In continued tradition of our stupendously successful Fintech Storm Series

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Fintech Startup Storm - 2 July 2015 - Digital Platforms Special


Come meet the fintech startups that are disrupting the financial services landscape as we know it:

Holvi, Etronika, Fidor Bank , Ffree

We invited CEOs of some of the hottest digital platform startups from across Europe to share their excitement about the future.

This is a Meetup not to be missed with demos, talks and a round table where the movers and shakers of the hottest new industry - Fintech - will debate opportunities, challenges and their experiences through this exciting journey!

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What: Fintech Startup Storm featuring disrupters of digital money

Meet the CEOs

See Product Demos

Join the Fintech Revolution!

When: 6:00pm-9:00pm 2nd July 2015

Where: Rainmaking Loft

1 St Katharine Way, London E1W 1UN

1 min walk from Tower Hill Underground & DLR stations

Underneath the iconic Tower Bridge, next to Guoman Tower Hotel


Here's a profile of participants:

Johan Lorenzen CEO Holvi 

Holvi is a simple one-stop-shop for small businesses to collect income, manage expense and get an understandable real-time view of their company finances. New Holvi accounts can be opened in minutes online and Holvi customers don’t need a separate bank account. The company recently released Holvi Expenses iPhone app for managing expenses on the go. Holvi is regulated by the Finnish FSA. 

Johan Lorenzen, CEO of Holvi, has over a decade’s experience of both founding and investing in high growth internet companies. Here at Slush he spoke about “disrupting an antiquated banking industry with user-driven services” as a part of the Enterprise Software Track. Founded in Helsinki in 2011, Holvi has successfully built the first pan-European bank replacement system for small businesses. In the beginning the idea was to solve the complex problems of event organising: selling tickets, managing the budget and handling expenses. Now their service is available in for pilots in 19 countries – and the plan is to expand. Lorenzen joined Holvi in 2013 from Sunstone Capital.

“Banking is the most important thing you can be changing this decade” In the world of freelancers and the self-employed, traditional banks don’t answer to our needs anymore, Lorenzen thinks. While the world is changing, banks continue to operate on the old principles, asking their customers when they get their next raise or what kind of car do they drive. “71 % would rather go see a dentist than go to a bank”, he said.


“Banking has become increasingly disconnected with how we live our lives and how we do our daily business. We want to bring that back”, Lorenzen described.
Lorenzen compared traditional banks to digital life how it used to be: the time when we still had an mp3 player, a compact camera, usb sticks and lots of cables to connect. Now we’ve changed them all to something that is more convenient, more useful, and available where ever we are. The same will happen with banking, he believes.

The future of banking doesn’t limit your freedom or independence, but enables it. “The bank account itself will go away. It will be replaced with something that is much more ingrained in your life and designed to solve the problems you face on a daily basis. It will be part of something much, much bigger.” Seasoned startup executive, angel investor and former VC Johan Lorenzen enjoys building and executing highly scalable technologies and business models. He has studied i.a. in Harvard Business School, Babson College and in Monash University.

Kestutis Gardziulis CEO Etronika 

Etronika provides innovative, conspicuous solutions for the banking and retail industry, expanding the usage of services over various electronic channels. Etronika's solutions allow clients to excel in online and mobile services. Etronika tries to envision how new technologies, evolving trends, and global changes might come together to improve our client’s businesses and deliver rich customer experiences. Being among the first in the world to present commercial mobile signature solution and Natural User Interface for e-banking, the team will continue transforming creative thoughts to reality.

BANKTRON , Etronika's product introduces a brand new approach to the customer. By combining banking and partners, data analysis, personalization, loyalty, and even fraud prevention, we have laid a whole new ground for better customer interaction and value added product offering. BANKTRON enables the bank to provide personalized, tailored services to the customer via multiple channels, much attention drawn to the mobile. Our flagship product BANKTRON is enriched with data analysis, fraud prevention engines, and a customer loyalty platform, which increases customer engagement and eases the determination of a full customer’s profile based on behavioral patterns. Providing tailored marketing campaigns and enhancing fraud prevention – a way to retain a satisfied customer.

Kęstutis Gardziulis is responsible for creating a culture of innovation and passion for user-centered design within the company. Having strong background in visual arts, quantum electronics and banking, Kęstutis is the driving force to identify emerging trends and technologies and explore new FinTech opportunities.



Kęstutis Gardžiulis CEO, CO-FOUNDER Kęstutis‘ vision and drive are responsible for creating a culture of innovation and passion for user-centered design within the company. As ETRONIKA continues to grow, Kęstutis’ sights are firmly set on identifying emerging technologies and continuing to explore new opportunities for expansion. Kęstutis is a sought speaker on the subject of financial and banking technology innovations, regularly speaking at professional events worldwide.





Matthias Kroener CEO Fidor Bank

To revolutionise banking in a truly global way, financial services need to be open -- to their customers, to change and to innovation.

This was the message delivered by Matthias Kröner, CEO of Fidor Bankat Wired Money 2014, 1 July. The internet bank, founded in 2006, usesRipple's management protocol to let customers send money instantly in any currency. It's this kind of simplistic offering -- that the public has come to expect from all services -- that the financial sector needs to focus on. But it all begins with being open to that change.

Fidor Bank AG is an internet-based direct bank licensed in Germany. With its Fidor Smart account the bank addresses private and corporate clients. The Fidor Smart account is a primary bank account, offering a combination of a classical bank account with internet payments and innovative banking services. The services on offer to corporate clients include selected financing products and a Fidor Smart business account especially created for e-commerce.

Fidor Bank AG makes consistent use of Web 2.0 mechanisms. To interact and communicate with users the bank leverages its own community as well as all popular social media platforms

Fidor Bank is a leader in innovative banking processes with several awards including:

  • Most Innovative Bank for Social Media- Germany (2013, Global Banking and Finance Review Award)
  • Most Innovative Bank- Germany (2013, International Finance Magazine)
  • Bank Innovation Award (2013,

Matthias Kroener, CEO of Fidor Bank

Matthias Kröner has been CEO of Fidor Bank since 2006. He is responsible for investor relations, corporate communications, strategic development and communities. Fidor is an internet bank, its primary account combines elements of a traditional bank account with internet payments and innovative banking services. Fidor was the first bank to integrate Ripple’s payment protocol, allowing its customers to instantly send money in any currency in any amount.


Alex Letts, CEO of Ffree


Alex Letts is Founder & CEO of Ffrees Family Finance, the new current account provider.

Alex was originally trained in consumer advertising at the world’s largest agency, Young & Rubicam where he worked on some of the world's largest brands, such as Heinz Baked Beans, Rank Xerox and Cinzano. 


Following this he co-founded the agency SMI Group which became Europe’s largest B2B agency and was one of the UK’s first digital agencies. After Publicis acquired SMI, he ran a digital agency network for Publicis before founding the web-based insurance trading platform RI3K.

While running RI3K over a 10 year period Alex raised over £40m to build and deliver the exchange, which became and remains the global market leader, and which has traded over £30bn of premium. RI3K was sold to the Qatar Financial Centre in November 2010.

In early 2012 Alex founded Ffrees Family Finance Ltd. His ambition was to deliver a more inclusive and democratic type of current account fitting in with the needs of modern consumers and providing an efficient digital service rather than one rooted in high street branches.


Ffrees has re-written both the operational and business model for current account provision so that a good quality, friendly and hassle free experience can be delivered to anyone, regardless of financial or social status.


Ffrees' is helping to change the landscape of traditional retail current account provision, as well as democratising banking by helping customers to start saving and managing their money.



Arifa Khan Founder Fintech Storm Series




Arifa Khan



Here’s what Londoners say about the spectacularly successful brand Arifa has built. (

She is a former investment banker in Private Equity led Leveraged Buyouts Mandate M&A transactions, a seasoned finance, strategy and operations executive based in the city of the London, with over 15 years experience in finance, specialising in Leveraged Finance/ Financial Sponsors Coverage/ Debt Products & Credit. She has worked with two suisse banks Credit Suisse & UBS. She has deep sector expertise in finance, operational insights, and the business acumen to forge big strategic partnerships.

Arifa has independently advised companies of all sizes from pre revenue to deal sizes of GBP300m on venture capital funding, scaling, international expansion, strategy etc. As an investment banker she has executed LBOs of sizes upto several billion USD across Europe across verticals such as Healthcare, Media Telecom & IT, Financial Institutions. She is a thought leader on innovation and disruption in financial services and a sought after speaker on payments and fintech at international conferences such as ICBI’s Payments International in London Mar 17-20, and will be speaking at Women’s Economic Forum Goa May 7-11. She currently architects Wharton Distinguished Dinner Series for Wharton UK Alumni Club as a Wharton Club Committee Member, and is currently the Chairperson London Chapter for All Ladies League.

Arifa has an MBA from The Wharton School of Business, a B.Tech degree from IIT Madras in Chemical Engineering. She is passionate about fintech and Big Data.

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