Academy Class Webinar - Getting Into Freelance Design

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Thu 21 Jan, 2016 from 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Academy Class YouTube channel (URL link will be e-mailed closer to the date)
Cost: Free


Join FREE Academy Class webinar with award winning graphic designer, Severino Ribecca and learn how you can get into freelance design! Click here to register.

If you’re interested in getting into freelancing, then this webinar will give you the knowledge you will need to make the move.

Severino will be discussing the pros and cons of freelancing, where to find work, methods for marketing yourself, alternative ways of making money and all the important documents and skills needed in order to successfully work as a freelancer.

While this webinar is focused on freelancing for graphic design, many of the topics Severino will be covering is applicable to other creative disciplines.

About Severino Ribecca

Severino is a graphic designer who specialises in developing visual systems through the use of information design - a branch of graphic design that deals with data visualisation, diagram design and communicating information visually. Severino is also multi-disciplined and work in a range of different graphic and web design roles since 2012.

As a designer Severino likes to rely on geometric forms and believes design is best when it is clear and communicates the most effectively. By making information more visual, Severino helps people to understand things a lot quicker than reading through large paragraphs of text or massive databases.

Severino won a 3rd place in The Information is Beautiful Awards: Monthly Challenge where he visualised data about financial crisis in 2011. He also won a Bronze Prize in the Infographics Category in KANTAR Information is Beautiful Awards in 2014.

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