Mobile UX - Bad UX is bad business

Event Info

Wed 4 May, 2016 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm
69 Wilson St
London, EC2A 2BB, UK
Cost: £5.00


Our next event will be around Bad UX. The presentations will cover how UX decisions effects the bottom line, highlighting real client examples. 

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• 6.30 Registration

• 7.00 Speaker 1 - Julian Harty -  Mobile, Tech Ed, and Software Engineering  

• 7.30 Speaker 2 - Filippas Kotsis - Senior User Experience Consultant

• 8.00 Q&A

• 8.30 Networking & beers



Julian Harty: Julian's talk will provide examples of Bad UX, the effects, and how we can use various sources of information to help track and potentially improve the UX overall. He will also discuss ways apps can be designed to help channel feedback, and how organisations can address the feedback they receive in order to improve the app and the ratings in app stores. And finally, he'll cover in-app feedback - mobile analytics - and ways to use mobile analytics effectively.

Julian helps people improve technology so that it works more and annoys less. He works at all levels of organisations, to help people do better and enjoy their work more. Ultimately his aim is to help reduce and remove barriers to using particularly mobile technologies so people can trust and depend on it and enjoy using them. Over the years he's advised and worked for a mix of top technology companies on several continents. He dedicates much of his time helping pilot innovative, practical technology projects for people in the 2/3rds countries of the world. He's also written several books (most recently co-authoring the 16th edition of the Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy and the Mobile Analytics Playbook), spoken at lots of conferences internationally, and enjoys practical activities including skiing and cycling, and clock repairs.


Filippas Kotsis: As a UX Designer, I have spent the last 4 years defining and refining products and services such as Here Maps, Nokia Music, SkyQ and UBS Neo. On my free time, I dabble with sci-fi, video-games and all kinds of tech gadgets. My talk will focus on Virtual Reality, why it’s not yet fully ready for prime time and how can UX help unlock it’s full potential


Companies attended previously include: Deloitte, RBI, Camelot, CXPartners, Accenture, UCL, Vodafone, Atos, Tesco, BAE, Seren, TalkTalk, Reed, Thomas Cook, Which, Legal & General,

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