Priorities for UK broadband connectivity: infrastructure, investment and the Digital Strategy

Event Info

Tue 12 Sep, 2017 from 9:00am - 1:00pm
Central London - to be confirmed
Cost: £210


This seminar focuses on the future for broadband delivery in the UK - looking at the future of investment in digital infrastructure, access and regulation.

It takes place in the context of the Digital Strategy, which proposes the implementation of a Universal Service Obligation (USO), investment of £1 billion to accelerate the development and uptake of next generation digital infrastructure, and support for consumers to get the best from their broadband services. It also follows the recent legal separation of Openreach and BT Group.

Delegates will discuss the latest developments in 5G and ultra-fast including areas of focus for R&D and remaining practical issues for implementation following firm commitment and funding from government. They will also assess issues for consumers at a time when the ASA is reviewing market practices and considers the parameters of the proposed USO; priorities for the proposed Productivity Council in supporting improved connectivity for business, particularly SMEs and in rural areas; proposed planning reforms and the Electronic Communications code; as well as the impact of policy on competition, market dynamics and service offerings going forward - and the implications for regulation.



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