Meaning 2017

Event Info

Thu 16 Nov, 2017 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Brighton Dome
Church Street
Brighton, BN1 1UE, UK
Cost: £240+VAT


Meaning connects and inspires the people who believe in better business.

The planet is in crisis. Our institutions are failing us. In these volatile times, the world of business has a critical role to play in creating a more sustainable, equitable and humane world.

At this out-of-the ordinary business conference you’ll find bold ideas from unexpected places. You’ll find thinkers and do-ers from business, activism, academia and the arts. And you’ll find pioneering purpose-driven organisations innovating to disrupt not only their sectors but whole systems.

The diverse mix of speakers and ideas combine to create a powerful day of inspiration in an atmosphere where long-lasting relationships are formed during breakout sessions and informal discussions.

At Meaning you will...

  • learn from pioneers who are already taking concrete steps towards a better future for us all

  • connect with others like you, who want to be part of creating the solutions

  • take away valuable inspiration and practical tools for enhancing collaboration, innovation and leadership in your own work or organisation.

Speakers so far announced include:

Mark Stevenson
Futurist, author & host of Meaning 2017
Mark is the visionary evangelist for the future who is bringing his energetic, knowledgeable and often hilarious approach to the whole of Meaning 2017 as our guest director and host.
Vinay Gupta
Global resilience guru
Vinay is one of the world’s leading thinkers on global systems risk. At Meaning he'll introduce us to the idea of the Internet of Agreements and its potential to radically alter world bureaucracy for the better.   Kate Raworth
Doughnut Economics
Kate is the renegade economist author of Doughnut EconomicsShe believes passionately that the economic textbooks need radical revision to reflect the urgent realities of our planetary boundaries. Jurriën Mentink
Humanitas resident
At Meaning Jurriën share with us his very personal perspective on how Dutch organisation Humanitas offers young people the chance to trade their time and attention for affordable accommodation – with meaningful results. 

 Kate Beecroft Co-founder at Enspiral In a time when the ‘gig economy’ is shaping the way so many of us work, Kate will show us how at Enspiral independent workers have collaborated to create smart tech-enabled ways to cooperate.   Kyra Maya Phillips Co-author of The Misfit Economy At Meaning Kyra will demonstrate that the boldest business innovators aren’t always found in corporate boardrooms or funky tech start-ups, but in the street markets, prisons and refugee camps of the world.
Carl Jarvis  Headteacher at Hartsholme Academy
With a story of bold transformation in times of crisis, Carl will bring powerful lessons from the education sector to the world of business, based on a deep understanding of how teams learn and work.

Zoë Svendsen
Zoë is a theatre-maker, researcher and artistic director of performing arts company METIS. She creates research-driven interdisciplinary performance projects exploring contemporary political subjects.

Vickie Hawkins

Executive director, Médecins Sans Frontières UK

As an organisation that thrives in conditions of extreme disruption and uncertainty, MSF is truly remarkable. Vickie will share with us an insight into how this resilience is created.

Margaret Wheatley
Author and teacher on leadership

Margaret Wheatley is a renowned authority on systems thinking and leadership. At Meaning, she’ll share her vision of the kind of leadership we need in order to survive these turbulent times.

Ynzo van Zanten

Chocolate Ambassador at Tony’s Chcolonely

Chocolate ambassador Ynzo will share the phenomenal story of Tony’s Chocolonely - the ultimate purpose-driven business that was founded to address slavery and child labour in the cocoa industry. A truly inspiring organisation.

Meaning connects and inspires the people who believe in better business. Register now to be part of this positive change.