Priorities for 5G: mobile infrastructure, standards and policy priorities

Event Info

Tue 6 Feb, 2018 from 8:30am - 1:00pm
To be confirmed
London, UK
Cost: £210


It takes place with the government setting out its strategy for 5G, and with Ofcom publishing the plans for the expected auction of UK 5G spectrum later this year, which includes restrictions on the amount of spectrum operators can purchase and the release of further spectrum bands delayed until 2020.

Delegates will examine latest thinking on the key potential service benefits of 5G for businesses and citizens and contribution to the UK economy - including what it will mean for the dynamics of the communications industry and its partners, issues of meeting customer demand and how the market is set to evolve.

They will also consider key issues around spectrum and the way that 5G is being planned, developed, and future-proofed, as well as lessons from the delivery of 4G.

Further sessions look more widely at what will be required to realise the Government’s ambitions to make the UK a leader in 5G, and the policy and regulatory framework to support it.

The agenda also looks at the likely shape of the partnerships between tech companies, research bodies, local government and others, and key milestones in the development of the technology, securing interoperability and facilitating rollout - as well as the impact of data protection policy and Brexit.



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