The Customer Experience Conference For Charities, Public Sector & Not-For-Profits

Event Info

Tue 12 Jun, 2018 from 8:30am - 5:30pm
Minster Exchange
3 Mincing Lane
London, EC3R 7PP, UK
Cost: varies


Practical, Real-World Strategies For Exceptional Service Delivery & To Combat The Squeeze On Resources: Low-Cost, Quick-Win Strategies To Drive Customer-Centric Cultures, Measure Impact, Create Integrated Multi-Channel Journeys, Tap Into The Customer Voice, Meet Digital Expectations & Leverage Affordable New Technologies. 12th June 2018, A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, Minster Exchange, London.

Cost-Effectively Drive Your Customer, Supporter & User Experiences & Journeys & Create Customer-Centric Internal Cultures; Capture Your Various Audiences’ Voice, Insight & Feedback; Apply Affordable Technologies & Tools For Measurable, Impactful Results On Multiple Channels.

  1. Deliver Outstanding Multi-Channel Customer Journeys: Target, map and deliver exceptional experiences at every touchpoint, cost-effectively
  2. Measure Satisfaction, Awareness & Impact: Mix traditional and new methods to determine engagement and impact
  3. Tap Into The Voice Of The Customer, Action Feedback: Listen to what your customers and supporters want for insight-led customer experience improvement strategies
  4. Adapt To The Needs & Expectations Of Different Audiences: Practical segmentation and targeting techniques to ensure you are telling the right story to the right people
  5. Drive An Internal Culture Of Customer-Centricity: Train and engage staff and volunteers to improve customer satisfaction and service across the board
  6. Affordable, Applicable & Realistic Technology & Tools? Making the most of free or budget-friendly technologies and tools to boost customer engagement and get the best value for money
  7. Optimise Your Channel Mix: Create the right mix of traditional, digital and social media channels tailored to your audience needs
  8. Explore Digital Expectations, Encourage Channel Shift: Promote self-service, decrease operational costs and boost user experiences, accessibility and engagement online
  9. Low Cost, Quick Wins: Affordable, innovative best-practice ideas to implement in the office tomorrow which will boost your customers’ experiences