Customer Experience Conference Manchester - Outstanding, Results-Boosting Customer Experiences & Insight-Led Journeys

Event Info

Wed 3 Oct, 2018 at 8:30am
Museum of Science & Industry
Manchester, UK
Cost: Brand Rate £499.00, Agency / All Other Companies £699.00, Exhibition Stand Packages + 2 Delegate Places £2,199.00


21 Cross-Sector Thought Leaders Share Their Strategies On Harnessing The Optimal Tools & Technologies To Create Outstanding Customer Journeys, Leverage The Voice Of The Customer With Clever Data Management, Empower Employees To Drive A Customer-Centric Culture & Excellent Frontline Customer Service & Impact The Bottom Line: 1.Guarantee First-Rate, Seamless Customer Journeys: Maximise brand presence, exposure, engagement and consistency across multiple customer touchpoints 2. Exploit Cutting-Edge Tools, Technologies & Innovations: Extract real value from the latest technologies set to disrupt the customer experience landscape 3. Leverage The Customer Voice, Exceed Expectations: Tap into consumer feedback to align your organisation with customer demands 4. Extract Actionable Insights From Customer Data: Mission-critical customer insights through savvy data analysis – what makes your customers tick? 5. Empower Employees To Live & Breathe A Culture Of Customer-Centricity: Drive an ethos of customer satisfaction and upskill staff to deliver optimal experiences 6. Streamlined, Optimised Digital Touchpoints: Quick and easy wins to minimise customer and employee pain points across social and digital channels 7. Measure Engagement, Impact & ROI: Drive continuous improvement and convince senior stakeholders of the bottom-line impact 8. Deliver Exceptional Frontline Customer Service: Minimise discontent and boost loyalty with authentic and efficient frontline customer experiences