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Subject: ...for DAVID M, vp at MM
From: Christian
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 18:09:51 +0100

....i apologize ahead of time for all the people that get bummed that
this does not relate directly to 'flash'.....but i do not know how else
to get this message to David M.

david, you referneced the newsgroup for fireworks and i checked it out.
the very newest record i saw was on "resizing an image" and there were
27 different posts concerning this issue, so i find it a very "valid"
comparison. anyway, here is the response that was given by one of your
own team :

"Unfortunately, you are correct--there is currently no way to resample
document nondestructively.
It's an easier problem in image editing apps like Photoshop since
only dealing with pixels (and not objects with live fills, brushes and
effects applied to paths), but you're right--it's one of our top
for a future version.

Nevertheless, there shouldn't be a qualitative difference between
your file and then exporting vs. resampling as you export (which

Bentley Wolfe -- Macromedia Technical Support"

...i just can't buy the pixel argument because there are many vector
tools, including freehand, that allow you to scale an image. This
should definitly be a feature of Fireworks. however, point taken on the
illustrator and text examples, but until there is a vector format
standard, it all becomes pixels anyway.....

...getting off my soapbox befo' i get flash flamed...

c h r i s t i a n g r i f f i t h
n e w m e d i a p r o d u c e r
w w w . f r e e b a i r n . c o m
c h r i s t i a @ f r e e b a i r n . c o m
Check it out!
"...everything you ever wanted to know about Macromedia flash"

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