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Subject: Re: Puligeneral
From: Colin Moock
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:24:07 +0100

flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
>Hi John,

>At 16.11 22/04/98 -0400, you wrote:

>> The most probable reason why the installation failed is because
>>browser doesn't have the Authenticode update.

>The browser probably doesn't have Authenticode, so authentication on the
>plugin is not possible. But anyway, the browser -does- ask the user for
>confirmation: and my client of course confirms that the plugin is ok.
>Still, the movie doesn't show.

>How do you suggest to solve this problem? Are all non-authenticodized
>browsers unable to watch the movies?

It seems like that might be the case. I was testing on IE3.01 and got
the little "X". I got the authenticode update at:
and rebooted (mandatory part of installation), and it works on that
machine now.

The only thing that makes me still wonder is that I had previously used
that browser successfully with the 2.0 ActiveX Flash player, and didn't
run into the authenticode problem before. Also, I have my security set
to "None" on that browser so it shouldn't have been a problem anyway.

So two things to do:
1) Install IE3.01 and double check the authenticode issue. The only
thing I didn't try after doing the autoinstall of Flash 3 was
restarting my browser or machine. Maybe that's all it needed (though it
*shouldn't* need it according to how ActiveX is supposed to work). If,
after autoinstalling Flash 3, and restarting your machine, the page
still returns the "X", then install authenticode 2. Restart again. If
it works after that, you know it's all because of the Authenticode.

2) If the problem is authenticode specific, sniff out IE 3.01 and 3.0,
and send them to an authenticode instructions page, including the link

Please post the results!


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