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Subject: Re: Trouble?
From: Dave Smith
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:45:16 +0100

Marcantonio Magnarapa wrote:
> Hi,
> thank you again for your help with Puligeneral. Still, though, I can't get
> my client to view the page. We are quite far and I am willing to solve this
> trouble without physically reaching him.
> He has explained the problem in detail. He is using Explorer 3, not 4. The
> automatic plugin installation starts automatically, and then authorization
> is required by the user. When authorization is give, the page sits there
> with an X in the upper left corner instead of displaying the movie.
> Why doesn't the plugin start even if authorization was given? I have
> developed the movie in Flash 3, beta.

Hiya Marcantonio,

It might be that his security is set to high. He might try setting it to
and reload the browser, then it will install the plug-in again and
should load the

If any cat in here thinks this dude has given my man false information,
please speak up boy!


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  Trouble?, Marcantonio Magnarapa

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