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Subject: Re: <meta> off the subject
From: Dimmy
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 18:16:56 +0100

Being the mischevious me *snicker*, I went to the site listed below, with
the supposed hack... but there was nothing on that page... Either it was a
hoax or Geocities has removed it due to it's "destructive nature". I'm just
as curious as dave, is such a thing possible?


From: Dave Smith <dgarystudiosatnetwide [dot] net> wrote:
>I was sent this in my personal e-mail and was curious if this was
>Ive never heard of a site being able to access your hardrive without
>Is it?
> >"If someone named SandMan asks you to check out his page on the WEB
> >DO NOT!!!
> >It is at www.geocities.com/vienna/6318
> >This page hacks into your C:/ drive. DO NOT GO THERE
> >HE WILL REQUEST A CHAT WITH YOU....don't do it.

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