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Subject: Re: top to bottom gradient
From: John Croteau
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 22:24:51 +0100

Hi Brad,

Thanks Brad

The Transform Fill Tool is a very useful tool that has escaped many of
us including me though it is in the book.


> The gradient direction is controlled by the Transform Fill button (located on the bottom right of the two buttons that appear when using the Fill tool). The other button, Lock Fill, controls whether or not gradient fills will apply to all items equally (with the gradient center occuring in one spot) or unequally (with each item having a separate gradient center).
> To reshape a gradient fill:
> 1. Choose the paint bucket tool.
> 2. Click the Transform Fill modifier.
> 3. Click an area filled with a gradient or fill.
> When you select a gradient or fill for editing, its center point appears and its bounding box is displayed with editing handles. When the cursor is over any one of these handles, it changes to indicate the function of the handle.
> Reshape the gradient or fill in the following ways:
> To reposition the center point of the gradient or fill, drag the center point.
> To change the width of a gradient or fill, drag the square handle on the side of the bounding box or circle.
> To change the height of a linear gradient or a fill, drag the square handle at the bottom of the bounding box.
> To rotate the gradient or fill, drag the circular rotation handle at the corner of a linear gradient or a fill. You can also drag the lowest handle on the bounding circle of a circular gradient or a fill.
> To scale a linear gradient or a fill, drag the square handle at the lower corner of the bounding box.
> To change the radius of a circular gradient, drag the middle circular handle on the bounding circle.
> To skew or slant a fill within the shape, drag one of the circular handles on the top or right side of the bounding box.
> To tile a bitmap inside a shape, scale the fill.

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