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Subject: Re: Tell Target Flash 3 question: Pausing a scrolling screen
From: Colin Moock
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:31:44 +0100

flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
>How does Tell Target work in Flash3 while we are on the subject?
>Jim Curry :-)

Very quick overview:

Think of your main timeline as movie "A".
In movie "A", say you have a paragraph of text (Par.1) at Frame 5, and
a different paragraph of text at Frame 10.

Now make a movie clip, movie "B".
Movie "B" just has a spinning ball for 100 frames, then stops.
Let's say you wanted to have Movie "A" start at Frame 5 so the user can
read Par 1. Then, when Movie "B" gets to its own frame 50, you want
Movie "A" to move to Frame 10 so the user can read Par.2. You need
some way for Movie "B" to communicate with Movie "A" so it can tell
Movie "A" when to change.

Enter "Tell Target".
Tell Target allows movies to address each other--sort of like opening a
communications channel. In the example above, you'd use "Tell Target"
in your action on frame 50 of Movie "B", and set the Target to "../"
which is the method you use to refer to the parent movie ("A"). You'd
then use a normal action of "Goto Frame 10" within the "Tell Target".
When Flash sees the Target, it will apply the Goto action to the main
movie timeline.

In general, it's like this:

TELL TARGET (target name)
Do This
Do This
Then Do This (etc.)

The great thing is that you can tell the target as many things as you
like, and you can tell multiple targets different things, all from one
ACTION--either button activated or Frame activated.


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