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Subject: Re: Tell Target Flash 3 question: Pausing a scrolling screen
From: David Baldeschwieler
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 23:39:12 +0100


The effect that you are trying to create is easy to do with tell target
actions. All you need to do is:

1) Create your scrolling text within a movie clip symbol. Get the
animation and the timing and everything set up the way you like it.

2) Return to your main movie and place your new movie clip symbol within
the main movie. Position it, size it, etc...

(TIP: Movie clips only show their first frame when you are positioning
them in the editor, so sometimes I like to create a "positioning dummy"
in the first frame of my movie clip, so that I can move it around and
position it on the stage in the main movie and see what the dimensions
of the entire animation will be - relative to the other stuff on my main
movie stage. Then when I have it in place, I return to the movie clip
symbol and delete the positioning dummy from the first frame).

3) Open "Instance properties" for your movie clip instance on the stage,
and give it an instance name. You can call anything you want - but name
it something that will help you remember what it is/does. Say, for
example, that you name it: text scroller.

4) Create and place 2 buttons on the stage that will tell your movie
clip when to start/stop scrolling. These are just normal buttons like
any other flash buttons.

5) Open instance properties of your "stop" button. Switch to the actions
tab of the instance properties dialog, and assign the following actions
to it:

On (Release)
Tell Target
End Tell Target
End On

For the tell target instance name, type in: /text scroller (or /whatever
your instance name is). Note, in the Tell Target UI on the right side,
there will be a list of the possible targets that you can assign actions
to. This UI SHOULD show ALL movie clips that have instance names
assigned to them in the current lifetime of the buttons you have on the
stage (in other words, any target that is on the stage WHILE the button
is on the stage should be visible in the UI on the right hand side).
Double clicking the little movie clip icon next to the target that you
want will automatically create the path name to that target for you.

6) Hit OK and close instance properties. So you now have a button that
tells your movie clip instance to stop playing when it is the mouse
button is released.

7) Repeat step 5 for your play button, but relpace tha stop action with
a play action.

That's it! You now have a movie clip that scrolls your text, and a set
of buttons that tell it to start or stop scrolling when the user
presses, then releases them.


1) REMEMBER: Movie Clips ONLY WORK IN THE PLAYER. To see them behave you
NEED to export the movie using Control>Test Movie from the menus. MOVIE

2) Movie Clips Start playing automatically. If you want your text to be
stopped until someone presses the "play" button, put a stop action in
the first frame of your Text Scroller Movie Clip Timeine.

Give this a try. There are also a lot of fancy things you can do once
you get the basics under your belt. Experiment, and let us know what you
come up with...

Hope this helps!


Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 12:37:19 -0600
From: Marjorie Alexander <msalexatconcentric [dot] net>
Subject: Tell Target Flash 3 question: Pausing a scrolling screen

Using Flash 3, exporting a Flash 3 site.

I want to have a panel of text (a movie clip) move slowly down the
screen. I want the viewer to be able to pause/stop this moving panel at
their discretion, then have this panel resume it's scrolling downward.

I have been playing with the Tell Target feature in my Flash 3 Beta and
it's not working. Have looked all over for help, no help has surfaced.

Sure I can create a similar result with a series of buttons, but this
scroll feature would be much cooler.

Any Tell Target help out there? (The online Beta help is very limited in
it's Tell Target assistance.)

Thanks again group,

Boulder, CO
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  Many thanks to David of MM...., Marjorie Alexander

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