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Subject: Re: FLASH: Please test new site.
From: Craig Ferrante
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:55:22 +0100

Hi David,

The level of detail you put into the site is amazing and can only imagine the amount of time it must
of took.Getting the chrome effect in flash must have been no easy task, it looks great and I like the
theme. The soundtrack and sound effects work really well with the full throttle type theme. I like it
, its fresh- I'm really sick of of the big spinning circles, spinning cubes,and coma intucing strobe
movie flash thing.

It ran fine on :

> 1. OS
> Win 98
> 2. platform used and specs(processor sped/mem, etc.)
> PC ; pII ; 350mhz ; 128 ram

> 3. Version browser.
> NN 4.5
> 4. baud rate.
> 5 resolution used.
> 800x600

Craig Ferrante

> > http://www.davidgarystudios.com

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