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Subject: Re: FLASH: Larry's site
From: Al Rosetti
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 00:03:30 +0100

My review of Larry's site:

Big Smoke looks good.
The K's are.... hard to say.... I give them a thumbs up I suppose. I
haven't seen that before.
I liked the quiet, rythmic music you used, it's professional and it fits.
When I see this I'm expecting some top notch work to follow. The simple
look exudes a feeling of confidence and quality.
The B with the flares is well done. (even so I would have ditched the
flares although though the effect was really well done)
The spinning B is well done, and the music is pretty good. On the other
hand the drastic change in color, style and music doesn't fit with the solid
work that started the movie. HOWEVER... the effect was strong enough to
make me focus more on it then the huge change in style.

Then the whole thing changes again with the beehive. It flat out... just
doesn't fit with what came before it. As far as style is concerned... cute
and or cool looking buttons are no good most of the time. Simple and SMALL
letters, numbers and words tend to look the most professional and be the
most useful. Differing noises over each button creates a confused feel.

As for the rest of the site... I don't think it necessarily belongs
together. It seemed to be many differing ideas put together. Many of these
ideas are well done by themselves... but together, they just don't fit.

Was that abrassive enough Larry? hehehe OK... now here is the thing. I'm
not rating you as if this was your first FLASH site. I'm comparing you to
the best stuff I've seen on TV, in print and on the web. For a first flash
site I'd say that you are WAY ahead of the curve. If I was you I would
forget about putting more effort into learning and creating special effects.
You are already good at it! Take the same energy and use it to find ways to
keep things looking and feeling similar while mercilessly WHACKING things
that don't belong. That's a really hard skill to learn, and I'm afraid
something that I need to work on myself.


Al Rosetti

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