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Subject: Re: FLASH: Generator & Buttons On/Off
From: Neil MacLennan
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 13:32:57 +0100

Hi Pat,

Generator can replace symbols with other symbols as well as just displaying
dynamic text fields.

I suggest having two versions of the button symbol -- one which is
effectively blank (a graphic will do) and the other symbol is your button.

Then use Generator to display the appropriate symbol whether or not you're
on the first page or not. You'll probably need another variable or two in
your database/text_file to trigger which symbol is displayed.


Neil MacLennan
neilatreality [dot] co [dot] uk


> Can anyone help me here?
> My flash 3 movie shows a list of items out of 200 and contains a
> previous and next button for moving forward and backward one page, each
> referencing GENERATORed URLs. Is there a way to hide one of these
> symbols based on another GENERATORed variable, or to cover one up so
> that on page one you cannot click on the previous button? I would
> prefer not to have a three separate frame sequences for the three cases

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