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Subject: FLASH: how to turn off HTML (was RE: Attachments ... )
From: Joe Shoults
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 15:45:13 +0100

> Please, please, please, if you have been notified you are sending
> attachments or HTML-formatted mail to this or any other use-list, please
> use the links John provided and have some courtesy for others.

I can't remember the actual URL, but this one will get you to a page that
describes how to turn your HTML off for most popular e-mail programs:
http://tadream.copfer.com/techsup.htm. For some e-mail programs, you can
specify in your address book that certain recipients only be sent mail in
certain formats, i.e. "text only" to flasheratshocker [dot] com.
I know in MS Outlook, you can double-click an address in your Address Book
then click a box that says, "Send E-Mail using plain text only", which would
permanently solve this problem without all the fancy footwork...


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