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Subject: Re: FLASH: RE: Attachments/Outlook
From: John Croteau
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 20:01:05 +0100

Hi all,

> Hence: Short quotes, no attachments, no HTML formatting is the going
> rule on listservs, particularly high-traffic ones. They take up too much
> room for no good reason whatsoever -- they don't improve the signal
> content of the message, just the noise.
There are a lot of reasons not to include attachments, HTML formatting
and long quotes to a mailing list. It's not that we are against rich
ccontent, but didn't your mother tell you that there's a time and place
for everything? 'The long answer':

1) This list is provided in a digest version, all 3 of these make the
digests less easy to read, larger and be issued more often.
2) If attachments are allowed to continue unabated, the List server
would soon become overburdened and mail would be delayed getting to us.
3) This is a high volume list and for some the huge size of accumulated
emails with the extra bulk would be way too much.
4) Outside of the US most people pay for online time by the minute not
only to their ISP but also to their telephone company even at home. Long
attachments cost people money.
5) Not everyone can understand the attachments being sent. Mail requires
6) Sending attachments by Email to thousands of people is inefficient.
You should supply a URL to display messages in HTML on the Web.
You should provide content for transfer via FTP for files such as

I have made an FTP site available for those who don't have a place make
files available temporarily to other List membbers. This is not a
gallery but a place to allow quick transfer of files.

If you have more or think you will have more than a couple of requests
for a file and you want to share don't volunteer to email them. Not only
will we get a lot of uneeded 'Me toos" on the List but most people find
they don't have time to answer all the request to send out the Emails
anyway which leads to more List traffic which should have been prevented
with supplying a simple URL in the first place.

The Flash Central Anonymous FTP Site

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