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Subject: Re: FLASH: Rapfoto site check (Colin Moock please read too)
From: Al Rosetti
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 00:22:17 +0100

The entire rapfoto site is completed, not counting the HTML page that
launches it. As stated before this is a fashion photographers site so there
is some female nudity. Please alert me if you find any errors.

One thing I'd really apreciate is if you could take a look at it in
Netscape. I used the window spawning script I found on Colin Moock's web
site. Everything worked fine in Netscape and Exploder until I stopped by my
wife's work. I only had a second and I viewed it in Netscape. To my horror
clicking the button and spawning a window caused an error message that
crashed my pics!!! I wish I would have checked the version number but... in
any case it should have worked. Please let me know if you get an error. If
Colin Moock is out there.... do you have any idea why that script wouldn't
work in Netscape? I'm nearly positive it's an older version of Netscape 4.?
I thought that script only had probs in Exploder 3 and earlier.


Al Rosetti

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  Re: FLASH: Rapfoto site check (Colin Moo, David Gary

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