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Subject: Re: Now: SWFs and GLCS WAS: Re: FLASH: RE: Attachments/Outlook
From: Nigel Randsley-Pena
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 01:08:27 +0100


<Flash content>

If GLCS 3.1.1 and AGL4.0 are GoLive Cyberstudio and Adobe GoLive, then I
can say that I have not yet noticed any ill effects from liberal usage
of <embed> code. If possible could you elaborate on this as I have a
military organization client where I use AGL4.0 and Flash and would not
like to have errors popping up ? (privately if you think this does not
interest the whole list)

</Flash content>

<Off topic>

I do have to come in defence of Microsoft here against that fruit and
that animal products. Microsoft goes to great lengths to ease software
usage, it's main concern is to make sure everyone is happy and
productive. That's why they hide away all those silly things like stupid
options for not sending html formatted mail, sig files, etc.. They are
so concerned with the users that they even get feedback on your machines
unique ID. So let's stop bashing these great guys and ask NATO to bomb
fruit and animals, that is after they've finished off with those pesky

</Off topic>

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  Now: SWFs and GLCS WAS: Re: FLASH: RE: , Frederico

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