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Subject: Now: SWFs and GLCS WAS: Re: FLASH: RE: Attachments/Outlook
From: Frederico
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 01:20:53 +0100

<Flash content>

has anyone on list ever had an example of GLCS 3.1.1 or AGL4.0
"destroying" SWF's, I.E., having the <embed> code cause hidden objects to

</Flash content>

On 4/29/1999 7:35 AM, Kevin Jackson of kjacksonattriskelian [dot] com said:

>On the other hand, it is rather interesting that we would all agree that
>FLASH should be used because it can create richer more compelling content
>and that formatted files (richer more compelling content) created by
>Outlook/Word are considered attachments. Maybe of some of us are a bit too
>much like the customers who we can't persuade that richer content is

Unless you are on a technical list that discusses code, and have a need
to be able to discuss that code at a source level.


BODY { color: red; font-size: 44px; font-family: verdana, garamond,
tahoma, arial; }
DIV { color: blue; font-size: 44px; font-family: verdana, garamond,
tahoma, arial; }
<body><b><u><font size="8">How big is this, and can you read the source?
<div>Would you know to look if I didn't tell you?</div>

Sometimes "rich and compelling" is missing out on what's important.

>If Outlook were made by anyone but Microsoft people would be posting thier
>love and adoration for it (especially if it was made by that fruit company

As if that fruit company's email clients can't read HTML. Maybe it's
just that software on that platform (not made by MS) is easily explained
and configured, and people don't have to be told over and over that their
email is sending attachments again, and again, and again, despite the
fact they instructed it not to only yesterday.

Choice is power, I'm thankful we have MS to make that clear.


~These are the times that try Men's Souls~ Thomas Paine

Columbine in Our Hearts

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