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Subject: Re: Now: SWFs and GLCS WAS: Re: FLASH: RE: Attachments/Outlook
From: Frederico
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 02:11:50 +0100

On 4/29/1999 6:07 PM, Nigel Randsley-Pena of nigelatmail [dot] telepac [dot] pt said:

<Flash content>

>If GLCS 3.1.1 and AGL4.0 are GoLive Cyberstudio and Adobe GoLive, then I
>can say that I have not yet noticed any ill effects from liberal usage
>of <embed> code. If possible could you elaborate on this as I have a
>military organization client where I use AGL4.0 and Flash and would not
>like to have errors popping up ? (privately if you think this does not
>interest the whole list)

I have yet to see it. A new GLCS user has made the claim, but I am
awaiting examples. We publish a lot of content in AGL, and will be
publishing a whole lot more with AGL and Flash, and wanted to hear if the
errors were known or repeatable by others. I'll keep you posted.

</Flash content>

<Off topic>

>I do have to come in defence of Microsoft here against that fruit and
>that animal products. Microsoft goes to great lengths to ease software
>usage, it's main concern is to make sure everyone is happy and

Uh-huh. And the guy that wrote Melissa found it extremely easy to exploit
this "great" software, and, incidently, the upload of that exploit to a
use-list like this one is what caused panic, monetary loss and
mass-confusion across the world--with the noteable exception of
fruit-flavored users using the same products, only less vulnerable.

>That's why they hide away all those silly things like stupid
>options for not sending html formatted mail, sig files, etc..

My point *exactly*. Hide. As in "hidden", as opposed to merely covered.
As in "what the hell do I have to do to fix this, and why do I have to
bother an entire use-list, and find a *private* website to explain to me
how to do it, rather than it just being obvious, like in the
fruit-flavored version of the same?".

[insert flame protection here]

Look, I use, have used, and make a living using (in part) MS products
extensively for the better part of two decades, thus, I know from whence
I speak. I do not badmouth that which is not deserved. They do a lot of
things right (Excel, PP, most of Outlook), and, as simple odds would have
it, a lot of things wrong (Word, NT, Windows). It's their response and
efforts to correct those issues with which I take the greatest exception.

"Put your Virex on and turn your Word macros off, you're in the real
world now, Dorothy, and the Wicked Witch wants your red shoes--and it's
going to take more than a bucket of water, this time. Got fruit?"

</Off topic>


~The problems we have can not be solved by
the same
thinking that created them.~
--Albert Einstein

Think PC? Think Y2K? Think not.

Think Different. Think Better. Think Macintosh.

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