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Subject: FLASH: Buttons are not working
From: Jayma
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 03:41:50 +0100

Ok, this is a new one for me...

I have a movie. I laid the base down several weeks ago. Today I added
music, which greatly increased the .fla size. This is not the problem.

The problem is that I have a stop action towards the end of the movie, and
you are supposed to be able to click on an invisible button to move on.
Well, the movie stops just as it should, but I get no finger to click the
invisible button. It works just find in the .fla when I enable test
buttons and frame actions. But upon export... nothing.

I deleted all frame actions and the button, thinking one or another might
have become corrupt, but nothing helped. The only thing that has changed
between the time it worked yesterday and today is I added music and some
other effects. But nothing that should have caused this glitch.

Please note: the button DID work at first with the music in the movie, but
then it stopped without reason.

I then saved a copy of the .fla, and deleted the new music, and then the
button worked like a charm. I am really confused.

Anyone have any idea? Is there a limit to the .fla size? Right now my
.fla is 6.5MB, .swf size is 240K. (I really don't think this is the case,
as I recall that "chaos" .swf was over 7MB. I can only imagine the .fla

(Mac 7100-G3 upgrade, 140MB RAM, 50MB RAM dedicated to Flash)

TIA, <---- thanks in advance

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