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Subject: FLASH: RE: MAC viewability
From: Scenes of Vermont - PB Publishing
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:07:38 +0100

Can anyone with a MAC test out our front page....


We've received the following message from a client who has a MAC, but I
don't know the version, model etc. Hasn't there been some problems with
older MACS and Flash?

>Say I am having a problem with this flash stuff. It makes it more
difficult to reach my page. The only way I got to it was to get to a
page in burke and go backwards.

This started when I had the realization that I have had ZERO E_MAILS
from scenes of Vermont lately. My browser was reading java script
errors I couldn't get to your page. I guess other people have had a
problem too.>




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