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Subject: FLASH: Re: Now: SWFs and GLCS
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:39:01 +0100

At 5:45 PM 4/29/99, Frederico wrote, in parts:
>has anyone on list ever had an example of GLCS 3.1.1 or AGL4.0
>"destroying" SWF's, I.E., having the <embed> code cause hidden objects to
> [snip]
>I have yet to see it. A new GLCS user has made the claim, but I am
>awaiting examples. We publish a lot of content in AGL, and will be
>publishing a whole lot more with AGL and Flash, and wanted to hear if the
>errors were known or repeatable by others. I'll keep you posted.

Doesn't ring a bell for me, Frederico... as you know, people regularly use
these tools together.

Only red flag that comes to mind at the moment is if you drag the SWF into
the visual editor, rather than using an OBJECT/EMBED pair... this can tend
to confuse the IE/Win32 browser which uses ActiveX Controls rather than
Netscape plugins. (Rephrased, use Aftershock's export, or similar tag
structure... if you just drag the SWF in to AGL then it may not get full

I can't get a match for "cause hidden objects to appear", though... you
might try asking them to try a simple test page first, and this could
reveal the unusual thing not yet in the current description.


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